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Being one of the oldest web design companies in the country, we offer a site build quality, based on practical design to create web sites that truly work. We've been doing this long enough to know that there's a lot more to building a good web site than just pretty pictures.

Web & Email Hosting

Having offered web and email hosting services since the early nineties, we know what's required to run fast, reliable servers, with a dedicated system administrator always on hand to ensure your web site and email runs trouble free.

Domain Name Registration

Securing your domain name is important, so we made sure we could offer a complete service, with the inclusion of a super easy to use, domain name registration and management web site. For those who find the whole process a little daunting, we also offer a personal domain name registration and full management service totally FREE of charge, just for using our registering with us. Just call or email us and we'll do it all for you.

Web Site and Email Hosting


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iDStyle has been proudly serving Australian businesses since 1995 with an ever-increasing range of products to help us, help you, present your business professionally and with style.

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