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The opportunity to get up close and personal with the wild animals of South Africa was for both my father and myself, one of the two driving forces behind this trip and we were not disappointed. Again, not meaning to harp on a point, but without Symen our guide, I am sure that this part of our trip would have been less than spectacular. In addition, trying to experience what we did in a bus with a bunch of other people, would have been frustrating to say the least. Being in a smaller vehicle, with just Symen, my father and me, meant that we could see what we wanted to see, stay as long as we wanted, where we wanted and when we wanted. Wild Wings Safaris, there is no substitute.

After settling into Skukuza Camp inside the Kruger National Park on the first night, we were on the road by 5:30am the next morning, for what was about to be one of the most exciting days I have ever had.

Birds flew from a tree and Baboons made warning calls from tree to tree and Symen stops the car. He says that there must be a predator nearby, walking up the bank of the river and at a guess, he believes it is either one of the rarest animals in the Kruger National Park to photograph, the Leopard, or possibly even a Lion. After a couple of minutes reading the signs of the other animals, Symen is confident that if we drive on a little further and position ourselves correctly, we will see this mysterious animal appear in front of us. The adrenalin is rushing and the thrill of the hunt has begun.

Sure enough, after just a few minutes in our favoured position, an adult male Leopard appears from behind the bushes, squats to mark his territory and looks us right in the eye. The shutters are whirring with RSI of the shutter finger sure to be an issue very soon. He walks right across in front of us and disappears again. All this excitement and it's only the start of the day ...

I now understand why hunters, hunt and although I don't believe in shooting for sport, I do when it comes to using a camera buy 200 mg tramadol . This was the adrenalin rush of a lifetime.

I hope you like these few images taken of some of the wild animals of South Africa.



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Baby Baboon

Adult Crocodile

Young Crocodile

Green Backed Heron


Black-Headed Oriole



Male Elephants

Up Close & Personal

Young Elephants


Giraffe Threesome

Hippopotamus Pod

Duelling Hippo's


Male Impala

Female Impala

Impala Herd




Gay Lions

Young Leopard

Male Leopard

Female Leopard

Leopard with Kill


Vervet Monkey

Rhino Face Off


Golden Orb Spider

Leopard Tortoise

Male Waterbuck

Female Waterbuck


Symen's Wild Dog

Itchy Wildebeest


Laughing Zebra

Zebra with Lion Bite

Itchy Zebra

Lion Was Here

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