Article-Design-Design-AiDStyle is one of Australia's oldest web design and hosting companies.  We began commercial operations in late 1994 and completed our first commercial web site in 1995 when few people had even heard of the internet, let alone had their own site. When we began, we were amazed by the huge and wide-reaching potential of the internet and we have never stopped believing that this medium is by far the most cost-effective, valuable resource any business can embrace.

We have seen many changes in styles since we started as the web is a surprisingly fashionable place. It's easy to see if you look at a web site designed in the 1990's, you'll find there is very little similarity in the overall look and feel with that of a web site designed today. Unknowingly, many businesses are judged on their web site appearance, be it an outdated look, or one that's just plain difficult to navigate and find what they are looking for.  Too many designers focus on the wrong elements when creating a site, which can detrimentally affect not only your on-line performance but your business' overall reputation. All this, just from the way your web site looks and works.

Article-Design-Design-BIt wasn't long before we realised that our clients needed more than just graphic design services and web sites. All our clients needed supporting print material like business cards, letterheads, brochures, signs, stickers and all sorts of promotional products because they wanted to tell everyone about their new domain name and email addresses. We constantly strive to create web sites that not only look visually appropriate for their industry but work ... and work well. We take into account things like their ability to be found in a search engine for search engine optimisation (SEO), how easy it is for a potential client to find what they're looking for on your web site (Navigation) and creating a look that suits your business (Design).

So, the best solution for our clients was to offer additional services to help them have one convenient and trusted place to call for all their presentation needs. iDStyle began introducing new products on a regular basis to ensure our client's needs were met, so they could get on with their own business and leave us to present them professionally.

One of the major differences between iDStyle and other design and print companies is our experience. We have owned or operated our own Distribution, Wholesale, Trade, Retail, Service and even Tourism Businesses. What does this mean for you? Simply put, we have a very real and genuine, at least basic knowledge of just about every industry type and can design with a true understanding of your needs.

If you would like to know more about what makes iDStyle stand out from the crowd, or how we can help you present your business professionally in a very wide range of mediums, contact us and arrange an obligation free consultation.

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