One of the biggest differences behind iDStyle and it's client's success is our background experience. Few, if any design and print companies can boast the many years' experience iDStyle can, actually owning and operating businesses in just about every industry category.

We have owned and operated businesses in the distribution, wholesale, trade, retail, service and even tourism industries. It is this real-time genuine experience that allows us to pass on a unique perspective in practical design. We don't just aim at producing pretty artwork, we put careful thought into the industry our work is aimed at and most importantly, the clients they are promoting themselves to.

Never loose sight of the most important person to all of us ... the customer. Ultimately, that's who we're working for, isn't it? You need someone who is going to design or create something that your customer will want.

We will never lose sight of the fact that you are our most important person, you are our client and although we believe it is our job to offer recommendations or advice in each area of our expertise, ultimately it is you who will make the decision and we fully respect that.

We just want you to know that choosing iDStyle won't be a decision you'll regret. You'll get our honest opinion based on genuine knowledge, experience and many years of hard work for a client base spanning every industry imaginable.

So, come and experience the iDStyle difference and contact us for an obligation-free consultation today.

The iDStyle Difference

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