This page is designed to assist our clients with support for email set-up, WEBmail and print artwork supply.

Setting Up Your New Email Account

In order to be able to send and receive email from your email accounts associated with your domain name and hosted by iDStyle, you need to add your new email accounts to your email client software.

Using the information supplied when you first applied for an iDStyle account, set up your email accounts using the following information.

For the purposes of this "General" information, terms such as (Username) (Password) and ( have been used to substitute for your own information and actual domain name hosted with iDStyle.

  • Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • User/Account Name:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Password: password
  • Incoming POP3 Mail Server:
  • Outgoing SMTP Mail Server: (Supplied by your ISP)
  • or some ISP's allow


It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you are storing a copy of messages on the server for retrieval of email from another computer using the "Leave a Copy Of Message On Server" under "Delivery", that you tick the "Remove From Server After" box with a MAXIMUM of 7 DAYS. If this is NOT selected, your mail box may fill and exceed the set quota for that account. iDStyle assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for email lost or undeliverable when accounts become "Over Quota" and messages are automatically rejected.

Accessing Your Email Using WEBmail

iDStyle offers the convenience of WEBmail for those who need access to send and receive email from computers other than their own. WEBMail is perfect if you are going on holidays and want to keep up to date with your email from any Web Browser, anywhere in the world. Just type in your WEBMail Address, enter your Username and Password, select your preferred viewing interface and your up and running.

We strongly advise against using this WEBmail service as a permanent email solution. Limited storage space is available on your mail server which is set by your individual account quota. Storing messages in your WEBmail account will use a portion of your overall email quota, limiting the amount of messages you can be received before you exceed your quota limit and start rejecting what could be important mail. This WEBmail service is designed as a temporary convenience only. If you wish to use WEBMail Permanently, we strongly advise getting a FREE Gmail Account (CLICK HERE) and forwarding your regular email account to this Gmail Account. Gmail is specifically set-up for permanent on-line use.

To access WEBmail go to:

Here you will be presented with a login screen. Enter your "User Name" which is your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and "Password" in the relevant fields.

Then once logged in, choose a WEBMail Viewing Interface (Horde) or (SquirrelMail) or (Round Cube) Once logged in, you can Send and Receive Email From Any Web Browser in the World. For what it's worth ... we recommend (Round Cube) for a nice, clean and easy to use interface.

If you are travelling overseas, or just going to be using WEBmail for a while, please feel free to contact us before you leave, so that we can increase the quota set for your account if necessary.


  • Do NOT Check the Box (Remember My Password) if you are accessing WEBmail from a computer other than your own such as an internet café.
  • When Deleting Messages, make sure you "Empty The Trash" before you log-out as these messages will be counted in your Quota and could cause important messages to be rejected.
  • If you would like to keep a copy of messages that you send on your office computer, you can send a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to yourself when sending, that way when you get home and check your mail from your regular computer, you will receive the mail sent to you along with a copy of your own messages to be filed accordingly.
  • We also strongly advise NOT changing any settings from your WEBmail login page unless you are 100% certain of it's implications. You will be charged for rectifying issues with email accounts that have been caused by your own changes.

Supplying Artwork to iDStyle

iDStyle offers four colour (CMYK) printing services for Business Cards, Brochures, Letterheads, Advertising Booklets, Magazines, Presentation Folders and so much more. If you intend supplying your own artwork, please use the following information which details the requirements of files to be supplied. Charges will apply if alterations or modifications to the artwork you supply are required.

Print Specifications:

All artwork MUST be supplied in CMYK Colour Format at an absolute minimum resolution of 300dpi. Supplying your files at 600dpi will provide the best quality output. For black and white or greyscale printing, such as that offered FREE on the back of our Gloss and Matt Business Card Specials, artwork must be supplied in Greyscale Format.

Print Bleed:

Most of our print products require a 2mm bleed on all sides. There are some exceptions for things like Presentation Folders which have a 5mm bleed all sides, so if you are unsure, please ask before laying up your artwork to avoid having to re-supply. We are more than happy to supply full artwork specifications on request, for any print job, to ensure you get it right, first go.

Print Borders:

All artwork is to be supplied with a minimum 2mm print border. A 3mm margin to the cut edge of a print product is recommended.

File Formats Accepted:

iDStyle is happy to accept print ready artwork in the following formats:

  • PDF (Press Quality CMYK/Greyscale with Fonts Embedded or Converted to Curves/Outlines)
  • TIFF (Use LZW Compression Please)
  • EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
  • PSD (Photoshop Version CS6 & Below) Flattened Image (No Editable Text)
  • CDR (CorelDRAW Version X7 & Below) All Text Converted To Curves

Please ensure that all text is either flattened with the background image or converted to curves/outlines where appropriate as no responsibility will be accepted for missing, changed or incorrect fonts.

Print Artwork Sizes and Information

Below is a guide to our most common print sizes. There are some exceptions for things like our METALLIX Business Cards which have slightly different sizing. If you are unsure, please ask before creating artwork as it is much easier for you to start with the correct size, than to have to redesign artwork afterwards.

Gloss and Matt Special Business Cards:

  • Template Size: 94mm x 58mm (Inc. Bleed)
  • Finished Size: 90mm x 54mm (Cut)

Double Sized & Scored Business Cards:

  • Template Size: 114mm x 94mm (Inc. Bleed)
  • Finished Size: 110mm x 90mm (Cut)

A4 Letterheads and Brochures:

  • Template Size: 214mm x 301mm (Inc. Bleed)
  • Finished Size: 210mm x 297mm (Cut)

DL AD Cards and Flyers

  • Template Size: 103mm x 214mm (Inc. Bleed)
  • Finished Size: 99mm x 210mm (Cut)

A5 Letterheads and Flyers:

  • Template Size: 152.5mm x 214mm (Inc. Bleed)
  • Finished Size: 148.5mm x 210mm (Cut)

iDStyle offers the above printing sizes to assist you in your own artwork production and does not supply either the software application, or product support for the software required to produce this artwork. Please refer to your software vendor or program help files for information on how to use your particular application.

NOTE: We will send you a low resolution (.JPG or PDF) Proof via email to confirm that we have received the correct files for printing and all artwork must be approved in writing and paid for prior to printing. iDStyle accepts no responsibility for errors once artwork has been approved by the client.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some advertised specials, such as our Gloss and Matt Business Card Specials, include our tiny iDStyle re-order tag on the back of printed items and additional charges may apply for removal.

For Stickers

If a special unusual cutting shape other than square, rectangular, round or oval is required, please supply the file as an Adobe Illustrator File (.AI) or CorelDRAW File (.CDR) with a distinctly different coloured vector line on an additional top layer depicting the special cutting path. Don't forget your 2mm bleed outside this cutting line.

Supplying Files to iDStyle

When creating your own artwork, please remember that file sizes can be very large and unsuitable for sending by email. Please use the following information to send large files.

Sending Files:

Please use lossless compression whenever possible such as LZW Compression for TIFF Files and then Zip/RAR/STUFF the files for sending. Please ensure each individual email total size is UNDER 6Mb in size. If your files are larger than this, please use our (UPLOAD FACILITY) to upload your files, then notify us by email so that we know they're coming. You can of course still send them by CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive in PC Format to our Snail Mail Address.

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