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  See this amazing world clock
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Thank you for taking the time to read this client newsletter.
Any changes to this information will be updated live on this NEWS page of our web site,
so please check this page before contacting us.

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 We’re Closing For Our Holidays …

Holiday Closure:
Closed 6pm Friday 3rd October : Open 10am Thursday 30th October 2014

To our valued clients,
It's been a couple of years and we are in desperate need of a holiday, so we'll be closing up shop for a few weeks, while we visit Hong Kong and China for some much needed R&R.

This just means that we won't be available to answer the phone or your email, or carry out any actual work, but please don't worry ... your web site and email hosting will still be monitored 24/7 and we will of course, have technical support covered by an independent local business while we're away.

So, in the unlikely event you should have an issue with your web or email hosting service that requires technical support, please either send an email to: (Not our regular account).  If email is unavailable for any reason, we have partnered with a long established local business, who will be available to assist, so please see our temporary technical support contact information below.

Have You Checked Your Stationary?
Please check your stationery stocks and if you do need any supplies before we close for our holiday, please make sure you ORDER quickly. For most print products, last orders before we leave should be placed no later than Friday 26th September 2014 for us to be able to get them to you before we leave. Please note that some orders placed this close to our departure date will not be able to be delivered before our return, but don't worry, we'll send them out as soon as we get back.

Please Note Contact & Technical Support Changes Below:
As we will be out of the country, we will NOT be contactable by phone or regular email. Our Server Administrator will still be monitoring our web and mail servers to ensure trouble free operation, and support will be available by Email or phone (ONLY if you are unable to send email please.) Please do not try contacting Darren on his mobile, office numbers or regular email while we’re overseas, as nobody will be monitoring these contact methods.


Thank you for choosing iDStyle.
Warmest Regards ...
Darren Gardiner

... festive season trading

 Technical Support : Special Temporary Contact Information

Holiday Closure:
Closed 6pm Friday 3rd October 2014
Open 10am Thursday 30th October 2014

Technical Support: (DURING THIS TIME ONLY)
Technical support will be provided by an independent local business.
  Please make sure you include your DOMAIN NAME in the SUBJECT LINE, your contact information should they need to clarify anything and of course, enough detail of exactly what the issue is, to be able to investigate your issue.

Less Stress Computer Services
Michael Jackson
Email: (Only)

Phone: 07 3122 7672
(ONLY if you are unable to send email please.)

... technical support

 TwitFace Specials . . .

iDStyle TwitFace Specials:
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For special offers, discounts and more!
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  Promotional Products ... we're always adding NEW ranges!

Think smarter ... don't just do what your competition does and advertise in the Yellow Pages.  Nothing says remember me like a FREE GIFT from someone, so why not be that someone.

It really doesn't matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone and we can even offer some products in quantities as little as just 12, so you don't have to order thousands like you do with many other promotional product companies.

Promotional Products Work!
You do have to spend money to make money.

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